Document Management for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

Document Management Solutions to share, store, and secure client and project files.
Facilitate staff and client collaboration, monitor and control document access, and manage document retention with ease!

With a document management solution from Tech Wise, your AEC organization can manage document control, document security, file distribution, and collaboration over numerous file types, including CAD files and other engineering-related file types.

With a Document Management Solution from Tech Wise, AEC companies can:

  • Automate simple or complex change management or business processes
  • Boost collaboration internally, with clients, and subcontractors
  • Enhance governance and security over critical work
  • Improve response time to clients
  • Establish document retention policies that meet business requirements while having the flexibility to include exceptions when necessary
  • Reduce costs by eliminating paper files, storage fees, postage, and manual administrative tasks
  • Save time by having your documents securely stored in a central, electronic repository, and the ability to utilize intuitive search functions to quickly access your files.

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