The Best Colors to Use for Printed Marketing Materials

Choosing the colors to use for marketing can be challenging when you don’t understand the meaning of every color. However, any color you use in marketing sends a message to your target audience. That’s because color evokes unique emotions and feelings, so using the right color in the right place helps you deliver your message appropriately.

Most people associate certain traits and features with specific colors, including hues and shades. For instance, using dark red at a restaurant makes a different statement from how light red would. That’s because the hues of every color also portray unique ideas and emotions. 

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Importance of Colors in Marketing

Colors play a vital role in branding and marketing, which is an excellent reason to choose the best marketing colors. In addition, you can use specific colors to influence reactions and responses from your target audience.

Besides, the psychology of colors suggests that some colors can trigger unique emotions and moods in people. For instance, some can trigger urgency and alertness, while others can make your audience feel relaxed and nostalgic.

Most Popular Colors to Use

Every color has a unique meaning. Here are the most popular colors for marketing and what they communicate.

  • Red: Energy, Aggression, and Excitement. This color is common in restaurants to stimulate appetite and keep people moving.
  • Orange: Fun, Playful, and Energetic. Orange is common in toy promotion shops and other entertainment platforms for kids.
  • Yellow: Cheer, Sunshine, and Happiness. Yellow conveys positivity and optimism, although more women like the color than men.
  • Green: Growth, Health, and Peace. This color communicates a calming feel for your marketing material.
  • Blue: Safety, Loyalty, and Dependable. Blue is common in banks and other financial institutions to indicate a safe and secure environment.
  • Purple: Wealth, Royalty, and Sophistication: Purple relates to wealth and prosperity and can help you target young women customers.
  • Black: Authority, Power, and Mystery. Although black conveys sophistication and intelligence, it can also evoke death and grieving emotions. So, use it sparingly.
  • Pink: Sweet, Creative, and Youthful. Use pink when marketing romance and feminity. This color is common in candy and sweets.
  • White: Pure, Clean, and Safety. Use white for marketing health-related items and baby products. The color portrays a feeling of balance and neutrality

Types of Color Schemes

A color scheme is a group of colors that work well together and present a characteristic of some kind. Here are the common types of color schemes to consider for marketing purposes.

  • Analogous Color Scheme: Comprises colors adjacent to one another in a color wheel, and the colors look almost similar. Great examples are orange and yellow.
  • Complementary Color Scheme: Complementary colors are opposite in the color wheel. Yellow and purple are excellent examples.
  • Monochromatic Color Scheme: Comprises the variations of one hue by adjusting the tones, tints, and shades. Black and white are excellent examples.

Grow Your Business With Eye-Catching Printed Marketing Materials

Now that you understand the meaning of every color, you know the colors to use for marketing your business. Your color choice must reflect your marketing strategies to reach your target audience. However, more people feel attracted by bright colors rather than dark ones. So, ensure your printed marketing materials have the right colors.

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