Printer End of Life: What to Expect

Every type of printer or copier has a service life, and you should be able to know what to expect at a printer’s end of life. That will help you save money you would spend on repairing printers. Instead, you’ll buy a new replacement with advanced features.

Signs of Printer End of Life

The average service life of most printers is ten years. However, printing devices tend to develop problems as they approach their end of life. So, the best way to know your printer is nearing the end of its life is to watch out for printer issues.

Here are the signs of a printer’s end of life.

  1. Faded or streaky printouts
  2. Frequent paper jams
  3. Error messages and malfunctions
  4. Noisy or slow performance

1) Faded or streaky printouts

Faded or streaky printouts are a clear indication that your printer is failing. However, it would help if you didn’t give up quickly whenever you get poor-quality prints. A few troubleshooting tips can boost print quality, such as cleaning the printer and changing the cartridges. However, you’ll have to get a new printer when the problem persists.

2) Frequent paper jams

Nothing is more embarrassing than experiencing a paper jam during intensive printing. While paper jams are common mishaps in printers, you should get worried when they occur too frequently. If your printer keeps having paper jams despite troubleshooting it, consider getting a new printer before the old one stops working completely.

3) Error messages and malfunctions

Printers usually get worn out when nearing their end of service life. As a result, you’ll receive several error messages and malfunctions. Restarting the printer can help remove the error messages. However, if the problem persists, the printing system will probably have a more significant issue. In that case, you must buy a new printer.

4) Noisy or slow performance

Unusual grinding, rubbing, and rattling noises can occur if your printer is too old and nears its end of life. The noise can occur when a piece of paper gets stuck inside the printer or due to incorrect installation of toner cartridges. Troubleshoot the noise source, and consider getting a new printer if the problem persists.

What to Do When Your Printer Reaches End of Life

If your printer reaches the end of its life, there’s no better way to enhance your printing efficiency than buying a new printing device. Research the market to find a printer that suits your printing needs. But most importantly, don’t forget to perform regular printer maintenance.

Tech Wise Office is Here to Help

Knowing the signs of a printer’s end of life can help you save money on costly repairs. Instead, you’ll replace the old printer with a new one to increase your printing efficiency. The good news is that Tech Wise Office Solutions can help you get more insight into printer maintenance and troubleshooting to improve your print production.

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