Easy Printer Repairs to Fix Common Printer Problems

If you use printers often, it’s helpful to know how to fix common printer repairs. Your printer can break down at any time, and when they do, it always seems to be at the most inconvenient of times. The bad news is that failure to fix printer issues can affect your printing productivity and reduce your print quality. The good news is that you don’t always need to call a technician to fix it because some of these printer problems are easy to repair.

Printer breakdown is inevitable, especially if you print a lot. Your printer can fail to turn on, experience a paper jam, or print faded documents, among many other issues. Being able to diagnose your printer issues and fix them is incredibly helpful. Thankfully, we’ll show you how to achieve that.

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Faded Print in Documents

A printer that produces faded documents can negatively affect your quality of work. As a result, clients who need quality prints may shy away from your business, resulting in losses. Inkjet printers are known for producing faded documents when they get old. It occurs when the ink runs out, clogging the print heads. So, always ensure that the ink cartridge is cleaned and fully loaded to avoid faded prints.

The Dreaded Paper Jam

Paper jams can occur in printers and result in an error message due to many causes. For instance, you can experience a paper jam when you insert the paper into the paper tray incorrectly. In addition, many foreign particles in the machine can cause paper jams, such as dust. To solve this issue, you can use a fan or air compressor to remove all the dust. Also, try rearranging and fanning out the paper in the paper tray.

If you are in an area that typically has high humidity, the moisture in the air can often cause the paper to become saturated and warped. Check the paper to ensure it is flat and straight, devoid of warps or curling. Also, bent edges on the paper can often get caught in the rollers or other areas of the paper path. Ensure that your paper does not have folded or creased edges and corners.

Unable to Connect to WiFi

You should check your connectivity settings if your wireless printer doesn’t connect to WiFi signals. Also, you can unplug the printer and reconnect it to the WiFi. Restarting the printer also does wonders. If the printer is still not connecting to WiFi, check to see if your WiFi capabilities are on and operational. Finally, ensure that the printer and router are on the same network to reactivate WiFi printing.

Solving Common Printer Problems in the Office

Now that you understand the common printer problems and how to fix them, you can do the common printer repairs. Always ensure that your printer settings are correct. Also, you can work on your print speed and quality setting to produce high-quality documents faster.

If you would like to remove the frustration of dealing with printers from your and your staff’s daily routine, it may be time to consider Managed Print Services (MPS). Managed Print Services is a document and print solution that manages and optimizes your company’s document output devices, such as printers. MPS provides tracking and understanding of how your document output devices are being used, problems or issues, and overall satisfaction. Additionally, Tech Wise’s customers generally experience a 10% – 20% cost savings when they implement MPS in their office!

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