Office Copier Maintenance Basics for Your Employees

With printers and copiers being the busiest machines in an office, it’s essential to teach your employees the basics of office copier maintenance. A little care and maintenance of copier machines can protect them from breaking down and extend their lifespan. Unfortunately, most people care more about software systems and neglect copiers.

Poor office copier maintenance is one of the reasons printers and copiers break down frequently. To ensure that your office copier is running smoothly, consider cleaning it regularly, loading it properly to avoid paper jams, and shutting it down when not in use. In other words, you should establish routine maintenance.

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Copier Maintenance Tasks to Do Daily 

Here are the maintenance tasks to implement every day.

  • Shut Down the Copier: Always turn off your copier at the end of the day to reduce your energy bills and extend your machine’s lifespan.
  • Allow it to Calibrate: When turning on your copier, you should allow it to warm up before using it. So, let it calibrate for around 1-2 minutes.
  • Use High-Quality Paper: Avoid using cheap paper that can produce dust, retain moisture, and wear down your printer quickly. Instead, use high-quality paper.
  • Load the Paper Properly: Loading print papers neatly and correctly can help to avoid paper jams. Don’t overload paper trays with a lot of paper.

Weekly Copier Maintenance Tasks

You can do some maintenance practices weekly, such as:

  • Cleaning the Glass: Clean your copier’s glass to ensure the machine produces high-quality images. A regular glass cleaner can help you do the job.
  • Cleaning the Paper Trays: Failure to clean your paper trays regularly can result in dust and debris build-up inside your copier. So, clean them routinely.

Other Tasks As Needed

  • Empty Your Reservoir: When your copier shows that your waste toner reservoir is almost full, consider emptying it carefully. Otherwise, it could clog the machine.
  • Know Your Machine: Read the copier’s manual to learn more about maintenance and troubleshooting. Such manuals contain much information.

Managed Print Services for Copier Maintenance

Office copier maintenance is vital for a copier to function smoothly and efficiently. The good news is that you know the copier maintenance tips to help you get started. However, investing in managed print services will be more affordable and convenient if you have many copiers and printers that require regular maintenance. Thankfully, Tech-Wise Office Solutions can help maintain your printers affordably.

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