Why Does My Copier Keep Jamming? Avoiding Jams in Copiers

Avoiding jams in your office copier is essential to keep the company running smoothly and efficiently. Organizations depend on their copiers and printers to maintain the flow of productivity. Yet, unfortunately, jams are a common occurrence in the workplace. Paper jams are not just annoying; they are also costly. They waste time and resources, impeding office productivity. The key to avoiding these issues is prevention.

3 Tips to Avoid Paper Jams

Here, you’ll discover some of the simplest and most effective ways to prevent the common paper jam. By taking preventive measures now, you’ll ensure your machine operates reliably later. 

1. Pay Attention to Your Paper

Proper paper handling can significantly enhance the performance of your copier. Just because your machine can hold up to 2,000 sheets of paper doesn’t mean it should always be filled. Start with one ream of paper before adding more.

Follow Your Machine’s Specifications

Your machine should have specific instructions as to how much paper should be in the paper tray. Overfilling the paper tray can cause sheets to stick together. When the rollers attempt to pull more than one sheet at a time, it can lead to jams and internal blockages, making troubleshooting time-consuming. If your copier frequently runs at maximum capacity, it might be wise to invest in a larger machine.

Use the Correct Weight of the Paper 

Paper weight also affects copier performance. Always refer to your device’s manual to ensure you are using the appropriate weight of the paper. Using paper that exceeds your copier’s specifications can lead to jams. Additionally, adjust the paper setting to accommodate weight differences and never mix different weights in the paper tray.

If you’re in a hurry to copy on cardstock, use the bypass tray instead of the main paper tray. Placing heavy-weight paper on top of plain paper can confuse the printer and cause jams.

Store Your Paper Properly

Paper must be stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, heat, and humidity. The storage conditions can significantly impact your copier’s performance.

When paper is removed from its package, it begins to absorb moisture from the air. This moisture causes the fibers in the paper to expand, altering its dimensions, flatness, and strength. Proper flatness and dimension are crucial for optimal printer performance.

In addition, it may not be properly stored in the paper tray. Start by removing the paper from the tray. Then fan the paper out before restacking it so that it aligns smoothly and easily. 

2. Choose Quality Over Cost

Opting for higher-quality toner and paper, even if it costs a bit more, will improve your copier’s efficiency and reduce long-term hassles.

Cheap Toner Leads to Paper Jams

Low-quality toner can leave residue on your machine’s internal components. Over time, this buildup diminishes print quality and is a common cause of paper jams. Additionally, if your copier has been idle for an extended period, it’s wise to replace the cartridge.Old toner can lead to printing and jamming issues.

Cheap Paper Leads to Paper Jams

The same principle applies to paper. Cheap, low-quality paper can be detrimental to your copiers and printers. Despite often being “recycled” and environmentally friendly, it’s not ideal for your machine. Low-quality paper leaves behind tiny bits, known as “paper dust,” which is a major cause of jams. This dust also contributes to poor print quality and accelerates wear on machine parts.

Many paper types are used in printing. Try using high-quality or thicker paper to fix paper jamming. You can also look at the paper guides to help determine what kind of paper is best for your printer.

3. Schedule Routine Copier Maintenance

Regular maintenance is essential for keeping your copier running efficiently. Simple daily practices, like turning off the machine or setting it to sleep mode at the end of the day, can help the device perform a mini-cleaning cycle, maintaining its capacity between professional maintenance visits.

Benefits of Routine Maintenance

Scheduled cleanings by your service technician minimize downtime. If you’re a managed print services customer, routine maintenance is usually included in your contract—confirm this with your provider. 


Daily use can wear down feed rollers. This reduces their traction and leads to chronic paper jams. Technicians can monitor for this wear and replace rollers before they cause problems. They also remove any accumulated dust and debris inside the machine. Regular maintenance visits reduce the need for unplanned service calls.


Businesses depend on their office equipment for consistent productivity. The experts at Tech Wise Solutions are here to help. Need to schedule maintenance or order supplies? We’re happy to serve you with Managed Print Services!

Avoiding Jammed Paper in Your Copier

It can be overwhelming to prevent paper jams. If your printer struggles to meet demands because of paper jams or other issues, we would love to help! Our managed print services are available to keep your printer up and running! We can also help you find the printer of your office dreams if it’s time for an upgrade! Connect with us!

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