4 Signs It’s Time for a New Office Printer or Copier

There’s no need to look to the stars for a sign that it is time to replace your office printer. Sometimes, the printer itself will let you know. To know if it is time for a new office printer, we have outlined four signs that your printer needs a replacement. 

Should Your Office Replace Its’ Printer or Copier?

If a printer or copier is causing more frustration than service, it may be telling you that it is time for a new one. Whether your needs have changed or replacement parts are no longer available, we have outlined the four most common reasons that an office printer or copier needs to be replaced.

  1. Concerns About Security
  2. No More Manufacturer Updates
  3. Changed Performance Needs
  4. Significantly Slower Performance

1) Concerns About Security

Did you know that printers and copiers can be targeted for cyberattacks? It may seem surprising, but this can pose a huge security risk for any company. A few of the most common printer threats include:

  • Unauthorized access 
  • Malware infections 
  • Phishing attacks 

Each of these security risks could result in work operation disruptions, security breaches, and penalties. Oftentimes, it doesn’t matter what kind of printer you have; inkjet printers, laser printers, black and white printers, and multifunction printers are susceptible to attacks. To help protect your printers from potential threats, it is critical to upgrade your office copier and printer whenever it is needed. 

Newer models of printers include features like encrypted data transmission or user authentication to help prevent cyberattacks. If your printer has been attacked, we recommend replacing it as soon as possible with a more secure model.

2) No More Manufacturer Updates

If your printer is more than 10 years old, it is likely that the manufacturer no longer makes replacement parts or initiates updates for your model. While printers can also run over 15 years and still get the job done, they can be susceptible to cyberattacks. Even an issue as small as reduced print quality may no longer be as easy as replacing toner cartridges or re-connecting it to the Wi-Fi. If the ink tank needs to be replaced, without the right part, it may cost you an entirely new printer.

If your printer or copier machine is outdated, has broken, or needs an update, it may be worth it to find a newer model. There are ways to keep it maintained and serviced, but when a manufacturer no longer makes replacement parts, it is time for a change. 

3) Changed Performance Needs

The reality is that businesses must change and adapt to the advancements in technology. Has your company’s printer needs changed since the purchase of your current printer?  As your client base grows, printing invoices and statements increases. With many organizations offering remote work to their employees, in-office printers may require mobile printing from a home office. Some offices are printing in high volume, while others prioritize high quality or color printing.   

A print assessment will offer an analysis of what printing equipment you have and what you may need. Do you need a printer that can suit client-facing needs? Or is the functionality you need more basic like copying, printing scanning, or faxing? 

By understanding your performance needs, you can better know whether it’s time to upgrade your printer.

4) Significantly Slower Performance

Printing speed can range from 35 pages per minute to others that print at 85 pages per minute. Still, others may take a full minute to realize it is supposed to print. If your printer is holding up operations, it is time to get it looked at by a professional technician and possibly replaced. Whether it’s running slowly because of age or having outdated software, e, a printer that doesn’t perform adequately ultimately needs to be replaced.

No printer is worth delaying getting a job or task completed. If it is causing a problem in the work environment, get it looked at now and consider getting managed print services (MPS) to keep it running smoothly.

Find a Multifunction Printer for Your Office

Purchasing a new office printer can be an expensive and painful process. But it does not have to be. At Tech Wise Office, we can find you the best printer for your unique office needs. We offer a variety of multifunctional printers by top brands such as Sharp, HP, and more.. These versatile printers may be exactly what you need to get your company running smoothly and efficiently.

Reach out to us if you have questions for us or our technicians!

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