What is a Managed Print Service Assessment?

Performing a managed print service assessment is vital for any business investing in managed print services. Managed print services offer companies affordable access to the latest print technologies and customized service programs. As a result, businesses that entrust their print needs to managed service providers like Tech Wise Office Solutions can streamline their printing operations and typically see a 20% savings in their printing costs.

Vendors that provide managed print services (MPS) focus on office technologies and imaging hardware. As a result, they help to reduce paper wastage and improve the efficiency of printing processes. Additionally, since the hassles and headaches of dealing with printer issues are no longer the responsibility of the company’s employees, they can focus on their core responsibilities and be more effective. However, without conducting a proper assessment up front, the managed print services may be less effective.

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What is a Managed Print Service Assessment? 

Managed print service assessment is a vital step in designing and implementing an effective MPS program. Print vendors use this strategy to determine the total cost, security risks, and efficiency of their client’s existing print infrastructure. The information gathered during the assessment is then used to design and implement strategies to improve productivity and reduce costs. The assessment follows specific steps:

  • Monitor print volumes
  • Determine the cost per print (CPP) and total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Uncover inefficient and wasteful processes
  • Discover security risks
  • Identify outdated and costly hardware
  • Recommend a customized solution

What to Look for in an MPS Company

Deciding on an MPS provider can seem like a daunting task. Having to call and meet with multiple vendors and listening to sales pitches can be a hassle. With that said, you will most likely be partnering with your chosen vendor for the next several years so choosing the right partner is important. Your first thought might be to reach out to a printer manufacturer. However, manufacturers like HP and Brother are generally not very good at servicing the equipment they make. Their focus is on creating, manufacturing, and selling. The service side of the business is usually handled by local dealerships that operate independently of the manufacturer.

If your business operates locally, look for an MPS company to support you locally. However, if your business has multiple branches countrywide, choose an MPS company that has a national presence.

Items Covered in a Managed Print Assessment

Before hiring an MPS provider, it’s important to understand the items that should be covered in the managed print services program. Knowing what should be included will help ensure you receive the proper coverage. Here is what a standard MPS program should include:

  • Needs Assessment
  • Hardware/Printer Replacement (if needed)
  • Remote and On-Site Service
  • Auto Toner Replenishment
  • Auto Meter Readings
  • Quarterly Performance Reviews
  • Usage and Service Reports

If your print expenses exceed your budget, and you don’t understand where the money goes, an assessment can help you track the costs.

Save Time & Money on Managed Print

Now that you understand the purpose of a managed print service assessment, you need to organize regular evaluations. That will help you maximize the benefits of managed print services. So, if you’re hiring an MPS company to manage your office printing operations, don’t search further than Tech-Wise Office.

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