Managed Print Services for Business Sustainability

Investing in managed print services for business sustainability is the new norm in many companies with large print volumes. That’s because managed print services (MPS) offer numerous environmental benefits. We’re witnessing advances in recycling technologies, toner chemistry, and sustainable manufacturing in the printing industry, ensuring sustainability.

Many businesses that print large volumes of work have invested in managed print services to achieve sustainable strategies. An excellent sustainable solution from MSPs is recycling programs contributing to companies’ environmental initiatives. However, MSPs go beyond that by ensuring printers work correctly with reduced paper waste.

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Minimize Paper Usage

Your paper usage influences the impacts of your printing activities on the environment. So, reducing paper usage is the best way to lessen the environmental effects. Your MPS will use software and data collection tools to monitor your paper usage.

The MPSs will also help you identify potential areas to reduce paper usage. How much money and paper you’ll save when you adopt the changes will surprise you. For example, you can opt for double-sided printing and an electronic document transfer.

Prioritize Energy-Efficiency

Another sustainable strategy is opting for energy-efficient printers when buying new printers. Consider shopping for ENERGY STAR-certified printer models that use less energy than conventional models. As a result, it saves money on energy bills and lowers carbon footprints in your organization.

Toner Cartridge Recycling

Most businesses usually throw away their toner cartridges when they get depleted. But with managed print services, the toner cartridges will get recycled to reduce waste. Besides, many office supply stores have recycling programs to collect used toner cartridges. Therefore, it’s easy to protect the environment with managed print services.

Improve Business Sustainability with Managed Print

So far, you understand how managed print services for business sustainability can help your print company protect the environment. Consider upgrading your print infrastructure through managed print services. That will foster environmentally friendly printing and reduce your print costs. Tech Wise Office can help your team get started.

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