What Are The Benefits of Cost Per Print?

You’ve probably considered investing in managed print services but are still undecided about whether to opt for cost-per-print or other models. So, what are the benefits of cost-per-print models? Well, the cost-per-print model has many advantages for businesses that print occasionally. As a result, you’ll get more value for your money.

Cost-per-print benefits should motivate you to invest in the model over other options. For instance, the service covers labor, parts, and toner under one package, making it less risky than other packages. In addition, you won’t deal with device breakages, making your toner management efforts less strenuous.

Here are the reasons to invest in the cost-per-print printing model.

Cost Per Print Benefits

The cost-per-print model offers the most coverage, covering labor, printer parts, and toner management in a single package. Also, the client’s risks are centered on the toner, which must be shipped. But with a reliable managed print service provider, there’ll be no toner wastage since they’ll only send the toner based on the data generated from the usage of the devices.

What Cost Per Print Includes

Cost per print services includes labor, parts, and toner in a single package. And with a basic maintenance package, you’ll enjoy printer maintenance per device, including parts, labor, and software costs. However, the toner is transactional based on usage, and the toner management responsibility is left to the managed print service provider.

Other Cost Per Print Factors

Many factors can influence the cost-per-print service, including color percentage in the print volume. Since color is costly, extensive usage can increase costs. However, you can print some documents in black and white to reduce print costs.

Another factor influencing the print costs is the print volume per individual printer. If most of your print volume goes to expensive devices, you’ll incur more costs in printing. You’ll use more consumables like ink, maintenance kits, imaging units, and cartridges.

Office Solutions to Save Money on Printing

So far, you know the answer to the question, “What are the benefits of cost per print?” All you have to do is to source the printing services from a reliable managed service provider to reduce the costs. That way, you’ll reduce printing expenses and save more money. Thankfully, you can rely on Tech Wise Office Solutions for your printing needs.

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